Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Atomic Physics studies about the structure of atoms, their mutual interaction and their dynamics, i.e., their time-dependent properties. The goal of experimental and theoretical efforts in this field is the full understanding of macroscopic properties of matter on the base of its microscopic composition of the constituent atoms and a quantitative description of the relations between microscopic and macroscopic features. Optical physics studies the interactions of light with atoms, molecules and semiconductor systems in different contexts. Research in optical physics places an emphasis on ultrafast optical science and technology. Researchers in optical physics use and develop light sources that span the electromagnetic spectrum from microwaves to X-rays. The applications of optical physics create innovations in communications, medicine, manufacturing, and even entertainment.


  • Atomic spectroscopy
  • Atomics of optical science
  • Molecular optical sciences
  • Molecular physics
  • Surface enhanced spectroscopy (SES)
  • Quantum science and technology
  • Nonlinear optics

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